Erica (bargaining) wrote in bargainingicons,

205 Multi-Fandom Icons

I finally got around to posting these crappy icons. Some have been on my hard drive since May. Don't make fun of them! :P

97 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
57 - Veronica Mars
26 - Firefly/Serenity Trailer
08 - Reefer Madness
07 - Steven Weber in The Shining (Miniseries)
03 - Lost
02 - Misc. Models
02 - Trick
02 - Charmed
01 - Desperate Housewives

36. 109. 172.

- Comment and credit.
- Don't edit any of my icons. If it's blank it's supposed to be that way.
- If you want a blank of any of these icons, just ask.
- *cough*nominationsaregoodtoo*cough*
- Some of these are icontest entries.

This is a LOT of icons.Collapse )
Tags: angel, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, desperate housewives, firefly, lost, models, reefer madness, serenity, steven weber, trick, veronica mars
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so damn pretty! :D:D
Wow, thanks! That's awesome 'cause I love your icons. :)
45, 52 and 56, thank you so very much!
You're very welcome!
Snagged 75, 110, 111, 116, 119, 120, and 202. Might come back and snag more later, they're great!
Thanks! :D
Snagged 40, 46, and 50--will credit when used, LOVE the musical ones.
Thanks! Glad you liked.
Snagged uh... 118, I think?
Glad that you liked. :)
gorgeous! I nabed tons! :p
Hee, awesome! :p
lol, those are all great. I love 14,24,&40 from BtVS. Taking 100,102,106,111,116,119,127,144,146,147,151,&153.'s only 12 but it seems like a lot more because of the 3-digit numbers, lol. Will credit when using. thanks!
You're welcome! :D
51,51,77,80. Great.
Thanks. :)
nabbing powerful willow for later use.
great work!
Thank you!
Snaggin' 6,29,44,74 and 93! Will credit :)
Glad you liked. :)
Nomming 133 at vmarsawards
Thanks. :D
Hi, these are gorgeous, just wanted to stop by and say I'm nomming #110 & #120 at vmarsawards :)
Thanks so much! :)
took the one of mary sunshine on top # 195.
Glad you liked. :)


12 years ago


12 years ago

Sharing 98, 100, 157, 167, 168; will credit, thank you!
You're welcome!

Deleted comment

You're welcome. :)
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